Pastor Van Sharpe is a resident and native of Tarboro, NC. he is a graduate from Tarboro High School in Tarboro and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a B.A. degree in Mass Communications from Shaw University, Raleigh, NC. While at Shaw University, he was an honor student and a member of various honor societies including:

1. Who's Who Among College Students

2. Alpha Chi national Honor Society
3. Alpha Epsilon Rho Honor Society
4. National dean's List - just to name a few

He is married to the former Resunester Rogers of Reidsville, NC. They have been married for 28 years. She is a graduate of Reidsville Senior High School. Mrs. Sharpe graduated Magna Cum Laude with a B. S. degree in Speech Pathology from Shaw University, Raleigh, NC. She also graduate with honors from various honor societies, They are the proud parents of one daughter, Vanneika Aireesh Sharpe, a graduate of A & T College, graduating with honors.

Van and Resunester Sharpe are founders and pastors of The Newness of Life Christian Center located at 936 Albermarle Avenue in Tarboro, NC. They have been pastoring 28 years and evangelizing in various states. The church is currently located on approximately 1.4 acres of property and they have acuired 11 acres on Main Street in Tarboro. Together they receive their Honoray Doctoral Degrees in Theology. They are also Founders of 'Pastors In Covenant" which consists of pastors and their wives who are determined to stay encouraged, strengthened, and fulfill their calling in the Lord with joy. These two Pastors have also joined together in releasing a dynamic praise and worship cd called ' Determined," already on the market. They are the producers of the Newness of Life Christian Center radio program aired on WBOB Radio, The Promise 107.3 fm dail every Friday evening at 7:18pm and on WCPS Radio 760 am dail- every Sunday morning at 10:00am.

Dr. Van Sharpe ministry includes radio outreach, tv ministry, and prison outreach. Dr. Sharpe is currently aired on several tv stations.  As an inspired author, he has released 6 books entiled: How To Over Power Discouragement, Seeking God Makes You Prosper, Sheep Taming Wolves, and Don't Lose Yours Trying To Save Theirs, "The Blessing of Rejection-----Keys to Surving and Enjoying the Journey, and his last book entitled Spiritual Upgrade---- Challenging Yourself To Improve. In the month of March of 2008, Dr. Van Sharpe was promoted as a Bishop. (R.O.I.C.)- Reminant Of Independent Churches is founded by Bishop Sharpe, where he is overseer of several churches. He is indeed " Making A Mark For The Kingdom!"
Bishop Van Sharpe
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